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LAN Clarifique Double Essence
LAN Clarifique Double Essence
LAN Clarifique Double Essence
LAN Clarifique Double Essence
LAN Clarifique Double Essence
LAN Clarifique Double Essence

LANCOME Clarifique Double Essence

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Lancome Clarifique Double Essence 10 ml.

Essence of water and oil in one, LANCÔME, skin looks beautiful, clear, with aura, adjust the texture of the skin to shine.

Use after cleansing the skin. Shake the essence and oil together. And drop 4-5 drops into the palm and apply over the face, neck, décolleté

, use regularly in the morning - evening. Results after continuous use

First use: skin is soft, moisturized, comfortable skin

1 week: skin texture is more refined. Glowing, radiant skin

4 weeks: smooth skin white skin pores smaller

Enriched with wild French beech bud extract, this refining formula improves skin's natural mechanism of renewal and ensures a refined and smooth skin texture as well as bright skin tone.

Our Precisely dosed bi-phase formula has been desgined with an inserted whisk to generate dynamic micro-bubbles of both essences.
A foam so fine and creamy that penetrates deep into the pores to gently liberate the skin from toxins and impurities. Rinse and rediscover the radiance of clean skin.


Immediately, your skin feels filled with hydration and softer to touch. After 4 weeks, skin looks perfectly refined: large pores appear visibly tighter, skintone is fresher, clearer, healthier and shows a translucent glow.

● Feel skin refinement and pore tightening: skin texture feels smoother for 98% of women, pores look tighter for 89%* of women

● See skin brightening: 91% of women find they have more radiant skin and observe an healthy glow* *Self-assessment tests carried out on 54 women, results after 4 weeks"

How To Use:

1. Shake the essence before each use.

2. Pour a few drops into the palm.

3. Warm and gently press over your face and neck.

4. Use morning and night after cleanser.

5. Apply a daily sunscreen.