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LAN Absolue Rich Cream 5ml
LAN Absolue Rich Cream 5ml

LANCOME Absolue Rich Cream 5ml

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Lancôme Absolue Rich Creme with Grand Rose Extracts

This formula revitalizes the skin with moisture, firmness, and plumpness. Wrinkles and fine lines appear diminished for smoother younger-looking skin. Rich texture. Reveal a dewy nurtured look. Suitable even for sensitive skin. Made in France

Revitalise your skin with Lancôme Absolue Cream, a regenerating and brightening moisturiser that encourages surface renewal to leave skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable.

Promoting brighter, smoother-looking skin, the regenerative cream contains Grand Rose extracts of Lancôme Rose™, Centifolia Rose and Rose Damascena, and has a unique transformative texture that allows skin to experience three texture phases. It begins as a thick cream to comfort skin, then melts in, delivering active ingredients for a long, luxurious massage. The cream finishes leaving skin feeling nourished, velvety soft and glowing. Expect a supple-looking complexion with improved luminosity.

Absolue Soft Cream - Oily/Normal Skin

Infused with Grand Rose Extracts, combining Lancôme Rose™, centifolia rose and rose damascene, the face cream supports skin surface cell renewal. The transformative texture begins thick to nourish the skin, melting upon contact before leaving skin feeling velvety-soft with a dewy glow.

Absolue Rich Cream- Dry/Sensitive Skin

Specially developed for dry and sensitive skin, this indulgent rose-infused face cream supports skin cell renewal to encourage a plumper, brighter appearance to the complexion.